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  • Origins

The construction of “Camí del Port” dates back to the 20th century, when the town required a larger Port. The Port of Catarroja has historically been the link between Catarroja and other municipalities nearby, due to the fact that the existing infrastructure did not successfully allow people and goods movement or ensure the development of different activities. Thus, the Port became the socio-economic link of original inhabitants in Catarroja.
The Port of Catarroja has been one of the most important canals of access the Albufera Lake since the Roman settlement in Valencia, a time when there already was an original port mainly used for fishing purposes since the first irrigation channels were used to water vegetable crops until Arabs introduced rice cultivation in the Iberian Peninsula in the 7th century. This original port was located at the end of “la Rambleta” irrigation channel, but disappeared after the construction of the current Port in the 16th century when inhabitants’ needs increased as a result of the large volume of rice cultivation, requiring a larger port.