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  • Sailing

In the Albufera Lake and its ports life cannot be understood without boats – whether with “percha” (rowing oar not fastened to the hull used in a sculling manner, also acting as the rudder) or rope. Boats are used for fishing, hunting, for transport and agriculture, etc.

Different types of boats were constructed attending their use. Some examples are “la barca”, “el barquet”, “el barquerot”, “el marimatxo” or “ravatxol

There are many different artisan jobs around boatbuilding like “el fuster de ribera (ribera carpenter) or mestre d’aixa (shipwright)”, “calafat”, “veler” and “cordeller”. These craftsmen make use of a variety of tools such as “garlopes”, “l’aixa”, “barrenes”, “gats”, “rosset”, “serres”, “esquadres”, “punta corrent”, “paletes” and “martell de calafat”.

The gradual abandonment of this means of transport resulting from the appearance of land means of transport together with the gradual deterioration of the environment in which the boat had been developed as a means of transport, helped the fact that not only artisan jobs like “calafat" but also the use of boats became of exclusive use for those who inherited this means of transport and its lifestyle or those who showed a particular interest on preserving this means of transport and living.

The most famous in the area was “La Vela Llatina” (lateen sail) used from the 2nd to the 5th century. This boat characterized by its triangular sail took advantage of the Lake’s peculiarities and wind currents.

Nowadays we are trying to recover and preserve this element in order to keep the tradition and its recreational purposes alive.
There is an unmissable appointment in the Port of Catarroja calendar in the month of September. Several boats from Silla, El Palmar and Catarroja Villa itself go back to the ancient fishing and sailing techniques to compete on their skill to control the wind during the “Vela Llatina” (lateen sail) exhibit.